What a treat to meet and photograph Keith McGee’s car.

It was certainly an interesting shoot, we didn’t have time to trailer the car to a good location, so we staged the car up in his garage with my camera out in the driveway. There was light precipitation so I had my assistant (son) hold an umbrella over the camera as I focused on lighting the car up.

Final images show Keith’s car photographed in his garage and then clipped in over top of a backdrop.

Food for thought, if you plan to shoot for a composite scene, and have a backdrop in mind, it is best to match that field of view in camera to make the scene feel more natural.

Overall, I feel like this came together very nicely!

Gear used:

1DX Mark II, 50mm TSE w/ x1.4, Profoto B1X, 3x2 Softbox

RRS L-Bracket, Arca Swiss C1, Gitzo

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